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Can't Attend? Donate Here

Click "More Info" and then use the "Donate Here" button to donate directly to the ACLU New Jersey or Garden State Equality

Can't Attend? Donate Here
Can't Attend? Donate Here

Time & Location

19-Oct-2024, 9:00 am – 22-Oct-2024, 9:00 am

About The Event

Censorship impedes freedom of expression and contributes to a culture of exclusion and discrimination, sending a troubling message that queer stories and experiences are neither valid nor worthy of acknowledgment. This marginalization adversely affects LGBTQIA+ youth, denying them essential resources for self-discovery and acceptance.

​Organizations like the ACLU New Jersey and Garden State Equality actively serve as watchdogs against extremist anti-LGBTQ+ groups, and work to build resilience against the disinformation and regressive ideologies that have been fueling recent attacks.

Even though you can’t attend Q-Pop!  You can still be a part of the celebration to focus awareness and raise funds to continue the crucial fight for LGBTQ+ rights by donating here…



    If you cannot attend, we encourage you to donate directly to ACLU New Jersey or Garden State Equality through the "Donate Here" button provided above.

    +Service fee



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