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Sept 19 - 29

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Nov  14 - 24

"If we don't tell our own stories, others will tell them for us​,
and they will get them wrong."

Janet Mock, Producer, Writer, Director, Trans Activist

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An inclusive space for diverse voices
within the queer community

Sequined Dragnolias

A site specific, gender non-specific, kiki!

Serving Parody

No Shade

Sept 19 - 29

Talking Heads Barber Shop

415 Bond Street, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

90 minutes - No intermission 

You are hereby invited to a meeting of The Joy Fried Magnolias Sisterhood of the First Wives Exhaling on Beaches of Endearment Club, where big hair and even bigger personalities take center stage.

Take it all in, hunty, as our cast of drag queens, trans, non-binary, and cis actors spoof a classic and much-loved dramedy genre that explores the lives, loves, and friendships of the superior sex. Get ready for the timeless wit and heart of those films to be lampooned with an overdose of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent that will leave you gagging. Be sure to bring your Kleenex because they intend to sashay into your tear ducts with a ROFL brand of laughter, love, and heartbreak.

Our one-of-a-kind site-specific staging at Talking Heads Barbershop kicks off with an improvisational pre-show adventure you won't want to miss! Arrive early for a personalized fitting of proportionizing padding and take-home tips for a truly glamorous, runway-ready, beat face. "Sequined Dragnolias" promises to be as unforgettable as it is sickening. Okayyyy?"

Photo Credit:
Magnolia Applebottom 
Of the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Applebottoms

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Steel Magnolias
Q Pop
Skinny Qpop Landing_Mobile6.png

Join Q-Pop! 2024

An LGBTQ+ Pop-Up Play Reading Festival

To Benefit the ACLU and Garden State Equality

Oct 19

Various Locations Throughout Asbury Park

See "Tickets" For Specific Locations

Q-Pop! 2024 will be an unprecedented event with multiple queer play readings taking place simultaneously. The day includes a Playwrights Symposium where writers share their thoughts on how far queer theater has come and where they see it heading. 


One show

One * Show

A solo theater festival

Nov 14 - 24

The Showroom 

707 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

Dive into the raw authenticity of our Solo Theater Festival, where LGBTQ+ storytellers will fearlessly unveil their unique shows. This special event will showcase the unapologetic narratives of renegades and rebels, the tender beauty of personal stories and the irreverent wit of humorists recounting life under the queer umbrella. Brace yourself for the power of these voices to soulignite, provoke and make you LOL.

           Man, Woman, Non-binary, Transgender, Trans, Transitioning, Bisexual, Asexual, Pansexual, Queer, Questioning,  AFAB, Same-gender loving, Ally, Genderqueer, Gender-expansive, Gender-fluid, Intersex, Lesbian, Agender, Aliagender, AMAB, Androgyne, Aporagender, Bigender, Body dysphoric, Boi, Butch, Cisgender, Cishet, CIS normative, Cissexual, Demiboy, Demigender, Demigirl, Dyadic, Feminine-of-center, Feminine-presenting,  Femme, Female-to-male (FTM) Gender Apathetic, Gender binary, Gender dysphoric, Gender expansive, Gender expressive, Gender-neutral, Gender nonconforming, Gender normative, Gender presenting, Gender questioning, Gender variant, Gendervoid, Graygender, Gender variant, Genderqueer, Gendervoid, Graygender, Intergender, Masculine-of-center, Masculine-presenting, Misgendered, Male-to-female (MTF), Multi-gender, Novigender, Omnigender, Pangender, Polygender, Sex assigned at birth, Social dysphoric, Soft butch, Stone butch, Third gender, Transfeminine, Transmasculine,  Trigender, Two-spirit


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